Your Intention Matters
Posted by Paul Madott in Blog 30 Apr 2020

I was reminded recently of something that my mentor David Hibbard (Co-Author of SOAR Selling) shared during the 2007-08 Subprime Mortgage Crisis. Different crisis today of course, however the same applies when it comes to mindset.

What we know for sure is that the world is struggling. This is the most unprecedented crisis in my lifetime. Simply turn the TV on or go online – almost everything is about Coronavirus right now…

Every day and every hour about how difficult things are, people are protesting the quarantine, people are dying, the uncertainty about when things will be back to normal and what will the new normal will even look like?

This crisis is REAL but that isn’t the only crisis going on right now. The other real crisis are the “stories” running around in your head.

In other words, we get that this is happening but what “story” are you telling yourself about what is happening and what it means to you?


  • That you can’t sell right now?
  • That you shouldn’t sell right now?
  • It’s too difficult or inappropriate to prospect?
  • People don’t want to buy?


In fact there is no selling, the fish practically jump into the boat when times are good. Right now however requires a different way of thinking because the mindset of your prospect/customer/client is what?

  • Bear Market, Layoffs/Furloughs, Fear, Frustration, Death, let’s reassess in Q3/Q4 or even 2021. Mostly Negative.

So, if YOUR MINDSET matches the negative mindset of your client we’ve got problems. You’re doomed: Expect low numbers, high attrition, a bad situation all together.

For those of you reading this in a Sales Role (Representative, Manager, Director, VP etc.), your company needs you right now. It is likely taking on water and if choose to be a passenger for the next 90-120 days and only make courtesy calls into your existing client base, good luck to you.

Yes, the current conversations are different, but you can’t take the quarter off. You just can’t. Your company deserves better. You are likely to have to put in 300% – 400% of the effort right now to yield the same 100% result that you were achieving just a couple of months ago. That is certainly the case with me and my business, but this thing isn’t taking me down.

FIND THE REASON to send that email. FIND THE REASON to connect here on LinkedIn and when it comes to calling a prospect right now, you absolutely have to FIND THE REASON to be on the call….because if you don’t, I promise you, your prospect is not going to find the reason for you.

The work you put in now could absolutely lead to a short term opportunity but for those prospects that defer, your efforts today will payoff when your client/prospect deems it appropriate to reengage.

If you’ve made it this far in the article, here is my cell: (647) 962-7201. Feel free to reach out if I can be of support to you or if you’d like to bounce a idea of me or get my opinion on something.

Stay productive, respect the current climate and don’t overreact.