Q: Is SOAR a “Cold Calling” Program?

By our definition – No, SOAR is not a “Cold Calling’ Program.

The approach that your Sales Representatives are likely taking today is BTN+L (By The Numbers + Luck).  This is our definition of “cold calling.”  Essentially each Sales Rep has a list of companies within their territory or vertical that they are required to call; however they don’t know what to do or say when it comes to making contact with the Decision Maker.  Therefore the result is several attempts resulting in very little contact made.

Once contact is finally made, the two most common reasons for the call are:

  a.)  “I’d like to introduce myself…”

  b.)  “I’d like to learn more about your business…”

This is a brutal methodology and a failing system; resulting in a negative mindset as it relates to New Business Development because they are working very hard, at doing it the wrong way…

Q: What is SOAR?

SOAR is a Strategic, Tactical Approach to booking more appointments with Key Decision Makers on the telephone, while making fewer calls.  Whether you make 20 calls a day or 20 calls a year, SOAR will provide you with the structure necessary to make each call a quality call.

Q: How is SOAR Different than other “Sales Training” Programs?

Good question.  We would need to know which program you are comparing SOAR too before providing you with a specific response, however the following represents 7 differentiators that SOAR traditionally provides:

CONTENT:  SOAR provides a quantifiable contact success rate with Decision Makers and High Influencers. Other “sales training” programs focus on what to do once the rep   gets in; SOAR focuses on how to get in…and we validate SOAR during the Live Dials portion of the program.

RETURN ON INVESTMENT:  Are programs are measurable and demonstrate a 200% – 2000% ROI in 12 weeks.  Few, if any training organizations can make this claim or prove the claim if they make it.  Simply stated, whatever investment you make with us, you can assume with surety that you’ll receive from 200% – 2000% ROI in 12 weeks!  This has been validated by multiple organizations with consistent results.  (Specific results available upon request)

CONTACT SUCCESS:  SOAR provides a quantifiable contact rate with Decision Makers and High Influencers of up to 90% on every net dial to a new prospect.  Other vendors focus on what to do once the sales professional gets in….SOAR is all about how to get in!

BUSINESS PARTNER APPROACH:  We believe that post-training support and reinforcement is essential when attempting to achieve new and consistent results. We interface with your Sales Leaders consistently on a monthly basis over our initial 12-month partnership. We do not just provide training, receive payment and leave it to you to implement.  We will work with you to demonstrate revenue surge and ROI.

MINDSET:  Most vendors simply train Tactics (what to do in theory).  While we believe and acknowledge that Tactics are important, we also realize the importance of Mindset.  As a result we have implemented a Mindset component into every program and module that we offer; it’s not simply how to do something that makes the difference, but why.

PROOF OF CONCEPT:  Everest Performance Group demonstrates how to reach decision makers with LIVE DIALS during the training.  Each participant dials live in front of the class with instructor coaching;once the live training is complete, it is assured that the system of contact works and attendees can execute that which was trained.

TRAIN-THE-TRAINER:  We have developed a full Train-The-Trainer deliverable.  Any corporate nominated individual wishing to be certified with SOAR can do so. This subsequently reduces the overall financial investment for the client and speeds up the delivery of the information to the field.

Instructors:  Each Everest Performance Group Facilitator is Master-Certified for Content Knowledge and Competency.   Each Facilitator is also responsible for driving revenue themselves therefore adding credibility as they can connect with their audience because in many respects, they are responsible for the same results as your Sales Representatives.

Q: Who are the Ideal Candidates to attend SOAR?

Simply put, any Sales Professional that has a responsibility to generate New Business opportunities and is responsible for booking appointments with Decision Makers.  Whether you are very tenured or have little to no experience, Inside Sales, National Accounts or a Small-To-Medium Business Territory, SOAR will help you make better contact with the Key Decision Makers within those organizations that are not currently doing business with you today.